63 days have passed since we started the world trip



The yellow bastion

“For instance, if I were at the market I would pickpocket someone else, not you! Everyone knows that Italians don’t like rules and are suspicious, so I would go for someone else!” said our host. “Take the Swedish, for instance!… Continue Reading →

How to discover Oslo during a cold weekend

There are a lot of cities where we can have a quick visit for a weekend – mainly due to the favourable flight schedules since many of these towns would require more days preferably. Oslo is one of them, this… Continue Reading →

Fear smells like chewing gum

Our stay in Saint Petersburg finally reached its end: three days of exploration between channels and bridges, monuments and ancient estates, plus the unbroken chain of short storms five minutes after each other were about to leave the stage to… Continue Reading →

How to plan a trip to winter wonderland in Iceland – if you can

Ooops… But you can still try to,┬álet us help you with that! Topics covered in this post: Flight ticket Accommodation How to get to the city? How to get around? Car rental Organised trips Food Hidden perks Useful apps and… Continue Reading →

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