About us

The #neveraweekendhome is a travel blog of an Italian guy and a Hungarian girl, who got together in Slovenia while living in Toscana and Belgium. The name of the blog thus coming from the years of travels together to visit each other, up until the moment of moving together in Budapest, to further pursue our common dream to see as many wonders as possible in the world.

Getting to know cultures, finding hidden gems, meeting many people and life stories – this is our goal throughout our life.

Since August 2019 we are on a world trip, realising a lifelong dream of ours πŸ™‚

Follow us in our journey and we will guide you through the backpacker life of living.

You can also follow our journey on Instagram, Youtube and on Facebook.

Until the January 2020, we have visited 46 countries (including the trips together and separately):


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