Tips and tricks for low budget trips

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    Tips and tricks for low budget trips

    Unlocking Seamless Connectivity: A Guide to SIM Cards and eSIMs for Travelers

    Why getting a SIM card can enhance your travel experience During my first trips around Europe, smartphones and affordable roaming options weren’t widely available. I vividly recall wandering the streets of Lisbon and spending the night out there with my friends at the age of 16, unable to find our way back to our host’s accommodation during our exchange program. While those experiences were undeniably adventurous, having a SIM card and access to the internet would have made our trip infinitely easier. Local SIM Card vs. eSIM: Which is better for travel? When we embarked on our world trip in 2019, eSIM’s were still relatively unknown. As a result, we…

  • Tips and tricks for low budget trips

    Plane ticket rental

    When planning a holiday, it’s typical to book a return flight, especially for overseas trips where deals are often more enticing, especially with non-budget airlines. However, when exploring regions like Southeast Asia for an extended period, deciding on the next destination or the duration of stay can be uncertain. In such situations, it’s common to make plans upon arrival, leveraging affordable transportation options like buses or trains to neighboring countries. Yet, this spontaneity may not sit well with immigration officials. To avoid purchasing potentially unused tickets, there are alternative solutions that seasoned travelers and digital nomads have embraced for years. Below, we outline three tried-and-tested options to navigate this challenge…