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Usually when we go somewhere on a holiday, we purchase a return flight (they are even cheaper for oversea flights, if we don’t take a low-cost carrier), but what if we travel longer, for instance in Southeast Asia, and we are not sure what our next destination is or how long we want to stay in the country? In these cases, it may be natural for us to figure out what to do after arriving in the country, especially since we often have a lot of cheaper options on the spot – often by bus or train to the surrounding countries for a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, this does not melt the heart of the immigration officers at the border crossing, so if you do not want to buy a ticket that you are not sure you will use, you will have to look for cheaper options. Fortunately, many world travellers and digital nomads have faced this problem, so there has been a solution for years! Below we present you 3 options which is tried and proved.

Flexible tickets

This is the most expensive method of all three. In this case, we buy the ticket with a modification option (which can be sometimes much more expensive than the base ticket price), and in the case of luck we can change the destination, in the less fortunate case we can only change the date. If you buy with a modification option, you will not be charged for changing the ticket, but you will have to pay the difference between the fares.

Fortunately, when we bought our ticket from India to Thailand, there was little difference between base and flexi prices, so we bought flexi. Fortunately, this came in handy as we were able to bring the ticket date forward for just € 10.

The different categories as it can be found on the website of IndiGo (local low-cost carrier)

Plane ticket rental

This is the second most expensive option, but it still costs only around €10-20. In this case, the ticket will be rented for 24-48 hours (extensions are possible with several companies), without having to deal with cancellations or modifications yourself.

This is how the ticket looks like what we get from them

We can find several pages which are dealing with ticket rental:

  • – 12 USD, you get the plane ticket within 5-30 minutes and it can be extended for 20 days for free
  • – according to the reviews they are not giving confirmation number (PNR) which may cause issue if the ticket is going to be checked at the border, but this is the cheapest option for 7 USD
  • – they also offer cancellable hotels and train tickets
  • – it has a pretty hefty price for 19 EUR, but they give a plane ticket valid for 2 weeks, so you can even apply for visa at the embassy with them

We shall be careful with Fly Onward, according to the reviews on Trustpilot after your money is taken, you will not receive the plane ticket.

For an extra 4.99 dollars you can add destination airport as well

24-hour free cancellation

Many major airlines give you the opportunity to modify or cancel your ticket for free within the first 24 hours. Perhaps the easiest way to find them is to use You shall stay always stay on the US page, don’t get redirected to any regional sites.

As soon as you have chosen your departure and arrival airports and dates, Expedia will give you several options, it is important that you choose the one where you see the 24 hour cancellation option.

In the end this is going to be the cheapest option since we will get our money back fully (but be careful and check that the fees shall be 0), but for couple of days we need to live without this sum. (We got it back in half a day, but it can be up to 7-10 business days as well.)

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