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    World trip preparation

    3 easy steps to change your life and take that “big leap”

    Changing your life is very scary, I get it. It was also very scary for me, took quite some months, if not years to decide whether I really want this or not. In the end, we did it: we quit our jobs, left for 3 years of world trip… and well, in the end Covid-19 hit in the 8th month of our trip, and we have no clue again what will happen next. As a side note, the original plan was leaving a year earlier, so now we would be in our second year of our travels, we would have seen more, experienced more, and I wouldn’t be sitting now…

  • World trip preparation

    Planning a world trip

    And the idea was born We don’t even remember when did the first spark come. We were already travelling for years alone, with friends or with the NGO where our positions required us to travel, for shorter or longer period. Then we met each other and since we lived in different countries for almost 3 years, Never a weekend home was ready to be born. The idea to get to know the whole world was definitely a childhood dream, but I am not sure whether we actually thought about it seriously in the past. Some years ago our friends went on a world trip, they bought their ticket with Round…